Yodo Games’ “Crossy Road” is as cute as it is entertaining and fun. The main objective of the game is to help the chick cross the road carefully and fast! Avoid the passing cars, drowning in the water and getting hit by the train. If you’re too slow, the sharp-eyed hawk will fly by and grab you. Think fast. Move fast.


You can get free gifts and gold coins which you will use in the game. Use your free gifts to get gold coins and you can win prizes using the gold coins you gain while playing the game.

Screenshot_2015-05-07-09-16-13[1] Screenshot_2015-05-07-09-16-00[1]

Check out your Top Scores (Today, This Week and All Time) for Social or for All Players to see how you progress in the game.


Share socially the captured image of how your chick died. Sounds awfully fun and morbid. Youcan share it on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and many other social sites where you can share pictures! Who knows? Maybe someone can help your chick cross that road too. More players means more fun!


What are you waiting for? Be engulfed in the cute and colorful world of Crossy Road with it’s cubic and nostalgic graphics that will surely bring back those childhood memories.