Just hearing this game’s name would bring back childhood memories for those who have been a fan of the show. But that aside, Daddy Long Legs game is such an addicting and frustratingly fun one. It simply isn’t just about tapping the screen to make this creepy yet cute “creature”, whom we could call “Daddy”, walk a long distance. It will require you to use you head (not literally) and apply science in playing the game. Daddy has two long legs and would require help from you to make him walk. The path is measured by “M”, meters in 10 meters interval. The farthest distance that you have achieved will be marked blue and with a star. This way, you will know which distance to beat!


You can brag your achievement once you have beat the last farthest distance you did. You can also unlock different items for Daddy like glasses or capes to make him look more badass and awesome! Just click the mirror on the main page.

Screenshot_2015-05-08-12-17-39[1] (1)

Been trying again and again? You can see how many times you have tried under the “Daddy Long Legs” on the main page. It will tell you how many times Daddy already fell. Check out your achievements and ranking under the Medal icon on the main screen.



One will have to have good timing as well so don’t get mad when Daddy splits or falls down! Tap away and walk ahead!