“A smart man once said, ‘Eventually, everything connects.'” Dots challenges you to literally connect the dots and achieve the goals set for you. There are types of games, namely: Timed, Moves, Endless and Challenges.



With Timed, you will only be given 60 seconds to connect as many dots as you can and gain a high score. Pressure? Indeed!

With Moves, there are limited number of moves, starting with 30 and get as high score as you can.

timed    moves

Endless mode gives you the freedom to connect dots unlimitedly but for a certain price! You will have to purchase this mode in order to play it. No Limits + Gravity.


With Challenges Mode, you will be given an option to have an Auto-match with a random player (which is why this mode requires an internet connection) or to play with a friend. Dots automatically searches a random player for you and you can choose whether you two will play Timed or Moves mode. With Play Friend, you can play with your Facebook friends so you will have to connect the game to your Facebook account.


You can see your progress under the Score menu. This is for Timed and Moves mode only. You can see Dots in Bank, Add Power Ups, Best Score and Trophies you’ve earned.



Power Ups are up for use for you if you need help with the game. Choose from 3 power ups namely: Time Stops, Shrinkers and Expanders. They can be purchased using your Dots in Bank. Time Stops for 5 for 1000 dots, Shrinkers with 5 for 500 and Expanders with 5 for 5,000 dots.




Dots may look simple from afar, but you will have to use your wits and strategize in order to connect as much dots to get the highest possible score!