[REVIEW] Mmm Fingers


First there was Flappy Bird, then Piano Tiles, now there is Mmm Fingers. Another annoyingly simple yet fun game to take your time away, and quite possibly your fingers. Its simplicity just makes you wanna beat these monsters so bad, and makes you play on and on and on



A simple yet addictive game that can keep you occupied all day. All the fun is in just a single touch, but don’t let go and keep away from those teeth or your finger will surely be these monsters’ dinner. How long can you keep your finger?

Gameplay StartThe game also has great graphics, giving those monsters really sharp teeth, who wouldn’t wanna keep away? The effects when you hit one of their teeth really makes you feel like you may have lost your finger for a moment, or that may just be me panicking. Either way, this game is really a must-try.


Download it now and protect your fingers from the hungry monsters!