You will never know what’s in store for you when you hear the name of the game, aa. You might think that this might be a game about the alphabet. But that’s where you’re wrong. aa is a game of timing and very looooong patience.


The main concept of the game is that you need to tap anywhere to “shoot” the numbered circle below to the rotating circle at the center of the screen without hitting the other numbered circles already rotating too. The numbered circles below corresponds to the remaining dots that should be moved to the middle rotating circle or simply put, it is the number of dots that you need to shoot in the middle circle.


If you have successfully moved all the numbered circles from below to the rotating one in the middle, then you can proceed to the next level, harder and sometimes faster than the lower levels. If you hit the other “arms” of the rotating circle, then you fail and have to restart the level again. Remember, timing and patience is key.


On the main menu, under Choose Level, you can choose from 3 options namely: Replay Level where you can play again the previous level/s you finished, Play Current Level which is the current level that you are stuck on and lastly, Unlock All Levels which requires an in-app purchase.


Check out the Leaderboard for Social and All. See your friends’ progress when you hit the Social leaderboard. If you want to see the worldwide ranking, then just simply hit All. For you to access this, you will have to sign in using your Google account.


Are you up for the aa challenge? Yes? Then go hit the Play Store and App Store to download it for FREE!