[REVIEW] Guess The Movie


Are you the type of person who never ceases to talk about how fantastic (or not) the most recent film they saw was? Do you find it interesting to quote movie lines and do character impressions? Or are you just a movie fan in general? Whichever the case is, you’ll definitely enjoy this new app on the market! “Guess The Movie” is a trivia game that is available for every device. It is free and ready to entertain every movie goers.

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“Guess The Movie” is actually very simple yet an invitingly provocative game. With its minimalistic and intriguing movie posters, you’ll need to guess the right movie titles. Also, a famous movie line will be given every after a right answer. You may also buy the posters through the game for your collection. There are 15 stages for the players to finish the game. Though you need to pay and get the premium to access the last 5 levels.

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Let’s try it. A flying house attached to balloons? Got the picture? It’s Pixar’s movie Up! While some posters are easy and identifiable, others may be challenging and mind-boggling! But don’t worry. In case you got stuck in a level, there are hints available. Plus, you may ask for your friends help through Facebook or Twitter. Sounds fun, right? So download the game and see if you really are that cinephile you think you are.

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