[REVIEW] Doodle Jump

With monsters in your way and steps that could easily break as soon as you land on them, how far up can you go? The farther up you go, the more obstacles there will be, but don’t worry. There are also things to help you out, shoot those monsters to get rid of them and use the help of springs and jetpacks to get higher up.


This game has simple but fun graphics. You can choose from a variety of background themes, be jolly and bright with the Christmas theme, or be a ghoulish ghost with the Halloween theme. One of my favorites is the cute Easter theme, be a bunny and hop your way to the top, don’t forget to collect the Easter eggs! Each theme even has its own items in the store. Perhaps you prefer to be a teeny chick than a fluffy bunny for the Easter theme, just collect enough eggs to buy it in the store then flap away!

Easter Store   Easter Theme

Doodle Jump is an easy yet addicting game of control. All you have to do is tilt your phone from side to side and make sure you have something to land on. It’s so easy that I just wanna go higher and higher, without even noticing the hours that have gone by.

How To   Christmas Theme

This game will surely put a spring in your step, download it now and start the fun!

Pirate Store Easter Theme  Halloween Theme