[REVIEW] Smash Hit

This game can be best described as the simplest yet most awesome smashing game you will ever come across into. It is so simple you would never realize you’ve become a real addict of the game until you’ve noticed how many times you’ve repeated a level just to finish!


Smash Hit is as simple as it sounds. You tap to throw balls and smash crystals. Every smashed crystal will give you additional 3 balls. Very simple, right? But that might sound boring so read more about the game.

Imagine yourself moving and encountering difficulties and challenges along the way while you are trying to gain more power to yourself. That’s how it feels like playing this game. There are obstacles you have to pass. And if you ever crashed while on the way, you lose 10 balls. BUT if you hit 10 crystals in a row, you become multiball. You can throw two, three, four, or even five balls at a time but it only costs you 1 ball. Real treat, eh?



Now for the game sounds and visuals, I recommend you to max out the volume of your device while playing the game. Trust me, you will appreciate how good the game is when you have tried that out. It comes with this cool sound effects that will make you feel like you’re in the game’s own dimension.

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Sounds fun and easy? Well, you gotta try it out yourself. Own experience is still the best teacher. Go smash and let’s see how far you can go!

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